Tutoring – Where are we now?

I met with Kim yesterday and again she came to our session witout doing any reading on her own.  Unfortunately the book, If I Stay is just too long to read only during our sessions.  In order for us to get through the book, she’d have to do some of the reading on her own.  I decided to try my next trick.  Kim selected a friend from the class and asked her if she’d like to begin reading the book with us and have a mini-literature circle on the days I come to tutor Kim.  I gave Kim’s friend my copy of the book and asked them to read the first two chapters for Monday.

I’m hoping the addition of a friend will be a motivating factor for Kim.  My hope is that she reads in preparation for our small group lit. circle and that by getting started on the book, she will eventually get hooked and find a new experience with reading.

If this plan folds as well, my next trick will involve a shorter text, perhaps a graphic novel, that we can get through in our tutoring sessions.

I’m feeling frustrated, no doubt, however this is okay with me because it means I care.  Kim is also challenging me to dig deep into my carpet/Mary Poppins bag of tricks!  We’ll see what Monday brings!  I am hopeful!


2 thoughts on “Tutoring – Where are we now?

  1. This tutoring experience is all about examining the issues that emerge when dealing with a struggling reader. You are doing that. It’s almost like a game. Try this and if it doesn’t work, try something else. The cornerstone is engagement. Related to this is establishing a relationship. When students trust in their instructor, they may be more willing to complete a task.



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