Technology opened doors today!

Today in my tutoring group I made use of the students’ chrome books and it proved very motivating! We are reading The Graveyard Book and the read is loaded with symbolism! We used our time to investigate some possible symbols used by the author, Neil Gaiman. The students were more actively involved in the session today compared with others. Not only did they begin to take initiave and look up questions they personally had, but they were motivated to share what they had learned and how it helped them uncover buried meanings within the text. One of the students had been dying to inquire whether a character was meant to be a vampire. His chrome book allowed him to leave the confines of the school and search readers’ ideas from as far as England! I will use their chrome books again next week and continue the work from today, as it was very productive.

I also like that the structure of today allowed for discussions involving skills that are useful when reading digitally. We talked about monitoring our focus periodically with the question, “Is what I’m reading beneficial to my inquiry?” We also made use of the ability to highlight and look up an unknown word as well as the option to have the computer read aloud passages and words. These options helped us to hear correct pronunciation of complex words.

Overall, I have found that students are indeed very motivated when technology is utilized. Technology has also helped students find depth in their inqueries and thoughts!

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Technology opened doors today!

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I’m so glad you were able to use technology with your students! I know that you are sometimes hesitant when it comes to technology, in general, so it is nice to know you are trying it out and giving it a chance! Technology can be so useful for students today, especially because these generations are born right into such a technology-rich era. I have never used a chrome book (I don’t even know what they look like), but I do have a kindle which I LOVE. I’ve never really been into reading, to be honest, yet I’m going to be a literacy specialist, I know, weird. It was only recently when I became an active and engaged reader and I owe it all to my kindle. For some reason, once I got my kindle, I became an active, engaged, strong reader. The summer I got my kindle, I read seven books. SEVEN books! I just kept swiping along from page to page and before I knew it, I LOVED reading!
    Anyway, my point is, consider the use of chrome books or kindles for your own classroom someday. I am convinced that I am a better reader today because of my kindle. Some people like to hold the physical book and flip through pages, others love to swipe through the pages. Consider getting a few for your future classroom. You’ll be shocked at the motivation the students will have to read from them!

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