PBL number two…Ready? Set? Go!

On Wednesday I will begin a short unit using PBL and Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book at X middle school
.  Although this is not my class, I have gotten to know the routines and flow of the literacy block through observations and my work with my tutee and several other students that I have volunteered to tutor while I’m at the school.

Over the past several weeks, I have been helping out with this classroom’s group reading of Neil Gaiman’s, graveyard narrative.  I am almost done with the book and have been struggling with a good driving question that meets the PBL description and the 7th grade ELA teacher’s desires.  Finally, I think the project is beginning to take shape.  Here is an example of what I’ve got brewing so far:

prezi Liza TGB

Please note, this prezi presentation is not completed and it was an opportunity for me to carry out a bit of the project myself, before launching the idea with the students.  I also wanted to give an example of one possible product to the ELA teacher to help our collaboration along.  This was my first go at Prezi and it took me three trashed presentations, before creating this one!  Technology education is a process!

I will launch the project on Wednesday so the students can connect the future project to their final chapters of The Graveyard Book.  I hope to ignite their passion for the book’s themes and author’s process through the use of Gaiman’s website on Wednesday. I hope to give students a taste of Neil Gaiman’s read of the book by projecting Gaiman’s read aloud of chapter six on the smart board as well as some intriguing questions recorded in a Q and A session with Gaiman. I also hope to construct a memo that calls out to all readers of The Graveyard Book to help Neil Gaiman select reader’s favorite characters for a sequel to The Graveyard Book.  We’ll see…lots of ideas, full steam ahead!  Thanks for reading!  I’m finding the blogs are a way of writing through my ideas and helping me to solidify them through the writing / sharing process that blogging creates!  – nice!  :O)



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