One to One – Ready or Not, Here We Come

This semester I have been tutoring in X Middle School.  Although my time has been with one class and one teacher only, I have been very interested in how the teachers and students are finding their way with the new chrome books.  The school has given every student a chrome book.  The four students with whom I’ve been working have told me that they will keep their chrome book until they graduate from high school.  After reading the last chapter of Personal Learning Networks, I am glad that the district went with the one to one rather than have a hodgepodge of different sources brought in by students.  When I read the reasons for one to one I was in favor of having everyone on the same piece of technology, especially in the beginning stages of such an immense undertaking!

I personally have seen the students make use of their chrome books during the literacy block to look up unfamiliar words found in the book, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.  The teacher I’m working with shares that she has been through some PDA over the summer, but that she is concerned with teaching helpful literacy skillls that prepare students for the 21st century learning and online reading.  I’m working with her right now to develop a PBL unit that incorporates a new technology that she is interested in, but hasn’t had the time to explore yet.  She has agreed to allow me time to teach a PBL unit over the course of two weeks, using The Graveyard Book.  I’m excited and hopeful that I can help her explore a new technology tool to use with her students and their chrome books.

As for Kim, my tutee…

I’m meeting with her today and we’re going to see how she liked the book I gave her about Anne Frank.  I’m interested to see how far she’s gotten in the book and what she was able to take from it.  I intentionally gave her a book that is closer to a fifth-grade reading ability because it is the first book we’ve used together and she is tackling it alone at home.  Kim’s word analysis put her at about grade five, so this book was a good starting place.  Depending on how it goes today, I have a picture book (advanced – grade five again) and a more advanced chapter book (more about grade 8 level).  Chances are, we’ll be on her current book for a bit, depending on how far she’s gotten.  I’m also curious to see what she’s added to her journal – interesting words of study, questions and things that surprised her were the three sections we created to journal about.  I have Anne Frank’s online museum tour bookmarked on my tablet and I’m hoping that some of her questions will lead us to this site where we can do some online reading and exploration!  I’ll keep you posted!  Thanks for reading!  Enjoy the day!



2 thoughts on “One to One – Ready or Not, Here We Come

  1. Thanks for keeping us posted on your progress in both PBL and tutoring. The next few weeks should tell the story. As we have said before, it is not so much as success as reflection and learning.


  2. How exciting to witness the roll out of one to one computing.Online reading skills are important to learn.Share the “Internet Inquiry” handout information from our last class with your student.



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