PBL and the Science Gap

When I think of PBL, I think of science and the scientific method.  I can remember taking my science practicum, oh so many years ago, with Dr. Knisely at RIC.  Everyone warned me…This is the worst practicum, It’s so hard, It’s so much work!  Needless to say, I went into the course with hesitation and anxiety.  By the end of the semester I was sold on teaching students to learn through the inquiry or scientific method model.  The questioning, followed by inquiry and exploration all enhanced with student and teacher collaboration was amazing!  The kids in the program were involved, got their hands dirty through the exploration (many smiles and positive student interaction)  and created their own, memorable experience and learning adventure.  I loved it!  The kids loved it.  At the end of the semester the students and I presented our question, our exploration and our findings and concluding thoughts as well as newly developed questions to parents, teachers and peers.

The PBL ideas bring me back to this very way of thinking, learning and teaching that I was introduced to before I graduated with my teaching degree from RIC.  The following link provides evidence that PBL works!  Check it out and tell me what your thoughts are!



2 thoughts on “PBL and the Science Gap

  1. Dr. Kniseley and I have talked often about the intersection of science and PBL. Much of this thinking stems from John Dewey who said to think is to try to solve a problem. As you indicated, science is more than learning facts but learning to think like a scientist.



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