Beyond facts – deeper levels of learning

The blog entitled, “Beyond Knowing Facts, How Do We Get to a Deeper Level of Learning?”

targets common core issues, technology and education, preparing students for the real world and employment, project based learning and teaching students thinking skills.  There are points that directly relate to “The Global Achievement Gap” (however it is much more positive than The Global Achievement Gap! – thank goodness).   The piece labels six ways to target deeper levels of thinking and learning (or 6 core competencies) and they are listed as such:

 mastering content

critical thinking

effective written and oral communication


learning how to learn

developing academic mindsets

The quote that resonated the deepest with me was:

 “The question then becomes, how do we find ways to offer access to all learners and in ways that all can shine.” That means letting students get their hands on materials to build things, giving them a real question or problem that’s worth pursuing and making them feel that they are engaged in authentic, valuable work.

This piece is worth reading.  It addresses those real-world questions that we are targeting through PBL. 

Common core is mentioned because the author feels that common core may be assessing content rather than process.  They ask, ‘yet isn’t the process where critical thinking and depth of subject matter lye?’   The question is – are we really assessing what we set out to teach with common core?  I find this a little uplifting because it’s not that common core is heading in the wrong direction, it’s that the assessments linked to common core are misguiding teachers and students. 

Great piece!  check it out!


Just for fun:

-Well the journey online is coming to a close for the night!  Breathe deep and unplug!





2 thoughts on “Beyond facts – deeper levels of learning

  1. The blog you referred to sums up what PBL is trying to achieve, and High Tech High is a good example of its application. Wagner spends time later in the book on this school. Yes, testing is the issue. One can debate the value of the Common Core, but how testing is carried out is even more crucial. Will PARCC measure the seven survival skills?



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