Personal Learning Networks in a nutshell:


Perks of PLN:  They help teachers to develop students as lifelong learners in a capacity that puts students in the driver’s seat rather than teachers, schools, the department of education, or political leaders.  This is a beautiful thing!  In a cloud of negativity that seems to surround education these days, I am very happy to learn of a means to help students navigate their way through life and follow their passions independently.  Unfortunately, it seems that students aren’t inspired to think beyond the next standardized test in classrooms today.  PLN may be our ticket out of this mess!

Downfall of PLN:  The districts that don’t have funds to train professionals, supply the technology and/or remain current with the rapid changes in our technological world will have a difficult time carrying out this type of learning.  If a district is fortunate enough to launch such projects and technological advances in the classroom, are they prepared to balance this type of learning with healthy strategies that teach students how to unplug and reduce stimulation throughout the day?

I do believe the best way to begin navigating through the tides of technological changes and opportunities is to get involved in them personally.  I am excited to leave this blog and set out to begin a new unchartered journey through Twitter, Google Reader, and Diigo!  I hope my next blog will contain a juicy link from this journey!

-Wish me luck!

Second thought….

wish me patience!  ;O)IMG_4209



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